Our Story


Ben and Bri

It’s Amazing Where Love Will Take You

Ben grew up on an organic farm near Bayfield, Ontario. Later, while studying at the University of Victoria, B.C. he met and fell in love with Brianna.

Those years on the west coast also led Ben to discover, and develop a palette for, exceptional coffee.

Brianna was raised on Vancouver Island surrounded by the rich culture of all things coastal. As Ben and Brianna’s paths merged they left one coast for another, settling on Ontario’s West Coast along the shores of Lake Huron between Grand Bend and Bayfield.

This is where they now live and raise their family, sharing a love for people, for nature and for adventure. Clearly a foundation for this couple is their love of coastal living and meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee. You can’t meet them without being swept up in their contagious taste for life!

Coastal Coffee Company is born ~

During one of their many sociable interactions a friend showed them how to create and use a home roaster. They found themselves learning the art of home roasting on a small scale. They shared their fresh roasted brew with anyone one who would try it and it wasn’t long before they were receiving orders!

As word spread and demand grew, they imported a drum coffee roaster from Turkey, put it in an outbuilding on their property and the Coastal Coffee Company was born!

It took no time at all for local farmer’s markets to become the next setting for new customers and conversations where invaluable feedback was received. As the first farmer’s market season drew to a close, Coastal Coffee spread to local retailers and restaurants, available all year round to their growing client base.

It is Coastal Coffee Company’s privilege and passion to put the freshest locally – available coffee in your cup.

Ben and Bri Gingerich with coffee beans