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Canadian Record Holder
Ultra Athlete, Amanda Nelson
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We gave some Travellers to ultra athlete Amanda Nelson and she used them at her latest race where she broke her own Canadian record and made a new Canadian record!

Amanda Nelson is a Canadian ultramarathon runner from Southern Ontario. In just a few short years of running, she is the Canadian record holder for three race categories: the 100 mile, the 12 hour, and the Backyard Ultra.
Coastal Coffee is proud to be the official caffeine sponsor of Amanda Nelson! 😃
Our Coastal Coffee Travellers are the perfect solution for AMAZING COFFEE ANYWHERE!
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Coastal Coffee: in Pursuit of Premium Coffees of the World

Ben and Bri Gingerich are passionate about sharing their love of coffee with Ontario's West Coast.

Whether you are enjoying a cup of crazy fresh coffee at a local farmers market, purchasing beans from a retail outlet or stopping by the roastery for a tour or tasting, Coastal Coffee cares about offering an unparalleled experience in every cup.  

Coastal Coffee is here to serve the coastline crazy fresh, ethically sustainable and artisan roasted coffee. We’ve got the good stuff. 

When you buy Coastal Coffee, you are supporting local small businesses who are passionate about serving the highest quality products available. You are also supporting sustainable coffee production around the globe and our international farmers and friends.  

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The Coastal Journey

Love And Amazing Coffee

Coastal Coffee began as a passion project for amazing coffee. Ben grew up on an organic farm in Huron County, Ontario. Later, while studying at the University of Victoria, B.C. he met and fell in love with Brianna. Those years on the west coast also led Ben to discover and develop a palette for exceptional coffee.

Brianna was raised on Vancouver Island surrounded by the rich culture of all things coastal. As Ben and Brianna’s paths merged, they left one coast for another, settling on Ontario’s West Coast and deciding to raise their family along the shores of Lake Huron. 

The Coastal Coffee Roastery

Fresh Matters. It matters so much to us, we put our roasting dates on all our packaging. Undeniably fresh.

Our beyond-fair-trade partnerships support sustainability and generate unparalleled, premium coffee experiences.

Artisan Roasted

We create artisan roasted, small batch, specialty coffee on the coast of Lake Huron. Farm to cup.

The Coffee Trail:
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Fridays 9-3 Saturdays 9-3

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Visit Our Coastal Roastery in Goderich | Holiday Markets Sat. Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9

We love our new organic lifestyle at the Coastal Coffee Roastery.  Visit our in-house store any Friday or Saturday, year round to select your favourite brew.

Address:  86252 Kintail Line, Goderich, ON, Canada N7A 3X9

We love supporting local retailers and we appreciate their support too.  Use our Retail Network Search Tool to find a local retailer near you!


Saturdays 9 - 1

May - October ????

Goderich Farmers Market

Stay tuned!  Check back for more deets on when we may be back at the Goderich Market.

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Interested in Having an Espresso Bar at Your Event?

We have a great espresso bar set up.  If you think your event would be a good fit for high quality, direct trade coffee reach out to us. 

Global Partnerships

Coastal Coffee buys directly from premium coffee farmers around the world. Learn more about our partnerships, ethical sustainability and unique flavour profiles from our international friends and coffee farmers.
Ben and Bri are good, solid, lovely people, and are very progressive in their thinking about the coffee sector and servicing their community. They are always trying to help others, they assist farmers and help us connect when there may be an opportunity to collaborate. They are great!
Sharleen Moodie, Taste Honduras: Coffee

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