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In pursuit of the best coffees of the world, we developed beyond-fair-trade partnerships with sustainable coffee farmers in many different growing regions, all adding unique flavour profiles to our carefully curated coffee selection. 

Our Global Friends, Partners and Curated Premium Collection

Partner: Chalos Coffee
Country: Chalos Coffee
Coastal Coffee: : Chalos Colombian
Tasting Notes: Sugarcane, Honey
Roasting Notes: Medium Roasted
Coastal Coffee has been purchasing premium coffee from Chalos Coffee since 2013. Over the years, Ben and Bri built a solid business partnership and friendship with Chalos and his family. When Ben and Bri visited Colombia, Chalos arranged for 100 individual cuppings, honouring the rich heritage of premium coffee in Colombia and showcasing Chalos’s pride for his community. Coastal Coffee and Chalos Coffee have both undergone significant business expansion throughout the years, but have always found time to spend together with their families in both Canada and Colombia.

Honouring the rich heritage of premium coffee in Colombia.

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