New Location and a Bright Future Ahead

Renovations are underway and Ben Gingerich, of Coastal Coffee Company is busy roasting coffee and making  his dreams come true.

Hair Studio GOne recent step he and his wife Bri have taken in reaching their goals is the purchase of a new property comprising three storefronts on Goshen Street North, Zurich.

Ben and Bri are taking a giant leap of faith, and are trying to encourage as well as promote future development within a village that has seen more losses than gains in recent times.

They have already rented out one space to local Music Teacher, Aimee Rau of the Music Box who is thrilled to have more room and a beautifully renovated space for her students.  Plans are also in the works to move Bri’s Hair Studio, Hair Studio G, to the Goshen Street location which will occupy the largest of the three storefronts.

The shop at the back of the property needed some work but was what first attracted Ben and Bri to this location and has since become their new roasting facility.  Here’s a video of Ben I took this morning while he was working on a coffee order.

But that’s not all. The Gingerich’s have also renovated their beautiful Lake Huron cottage which is now available to rent on a weekly basis through Bluewater Retreats.  Rental of the Coastal Coffee Cottage includes fresh garden herbs for cooking and as one might expect, a fully stocked coffee bar.

7 Comments on “New Location and a Bright Future Ahead”

  1. Zurich will never be the same.
    Fresh roasted coffee wafting over the village is nuts. A cup of your dark roast (black of course) and a Zurich bizmark donut from Tasty Nu Bakery across the street…now that’s a dream combo.

  2. So excited to have you here in town and in my grandparents’ former home! Wishing you both much happiness and continued success in your new location.

  3. All the best in your new location! We look forward to seeing you at the Grand Bend Farmer’s Market.

  4. can’t wait to try you dark roast…my husband and i own a restaurant – jambaIaya – in Iondon
    we had two very nice customers this evening who toId us about your coffee and where you are Iocated. We have a traiIer in BayfieId as weII so we are anxious to visit you when we make a trip up there – hopefuIIy soon
    Iooking forward to meeting you!
    Denise and Kevin Greaves

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