Our Producers


Coastal Coffee Company works with four different micro lots in Nicaragua.  We have met our producers personally, and are proud to have to have created viable partnerships and long-lasting friendships with these incredible men.

La Esperanza











La Esperanza is owned and operated by Armando Zeledon, two-time finalist in the Cup of Excellence competition. Armando has built a reputation as one of the top coffee producers in terms of quality in the San Juan Del Rio Coco region. His estate uses traditional washing methods and Armando personally supervises the picking to ensure only the ripest cherries are picked.

Las Golondrinas











Las Golondrinas has won the Cup of Excellence at the international level, twice and Sr. Rodrigo Peralta has made it mission to serve the finest coffee possible.  This estate is nestled in a unique and diverse ecosystem that provides optimal growing conditions due to its perfect combination of shade, precipitation and elevation, and under the watchful eye of Sr. Rodrigo Peralta, the estate flourishes. Rodrigo embraces innovation where it provides advantages without undue sacrifice, and the harvested coffee cherries are washed and processed utilizing proven modern techniques, always with an eye towards improving final cup quality.












Farmer Chalo also goes by Mr Perfect because he is such a great guy.  Chalo’s Colombian Coffee is a 4th-generation, quality-focused coffee growing family from Huila, Colombia that produces 100% Specialty Grade, Arabica Castillo coffee through fully sustainable farming practices.  This plantation is located in the township of Caloto in the Municipality of Paicol within Colombia’s beautiful, mountainous province of Huila. The coffee trees grow amongst orange, mandarin and banana trees, sugar cane and tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and guama  This adds to the coffee’s unique flavour and sweetness.











We work with various coffee producers from the Rusizi district of Rwanda.  This area is very unique in that it is one of only two places in Rwanda with mineral-rich volcanic soil, resulting in strong coffee trees and delicious coffee.


Brazil also offers rich, volcanic soil and we work with various coffee producers here as well. The combination of the excellent soil, unique climate, and altitude makes Brazil an ideal location to produce specialty coffees.

All other specialty coffee is sourced from various specialty green coffee suppliers.