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Mataquescuintla, Guatemala

Mataquescuintla, Guatemala


Country of Origin: Guatemala

Region of Origin: Mataquescuintla

Tasting Notes: Light Berries, Banana like sweetness, Peanut  

Varietal: San Ramon, Yellow & Red Catura

Process: Fully Washed, Sun Dried

Artisian Roasted: Light Roast



This micro lot is from Bernardo Pacheco’s farm in Mataquescuintla Guatemala.
We are proud to say this is the second crop we have had the opportunity to purchase from this same farm. This lot is a mixed varietal of San Ramon, Yellow & Red Caturra with tasting notes of light Berries, Banana like sweetness and a hint of Peanut as it cools.
The following is a letter from Bernardo.
My name is Bernardo Pacheco Reyes from the Sansupo, Mataquescuintla, Jalapa community.
For the last 15 years I have been cultivating this plot of land that was left to me by my mother Melecia Reyes, who together with my father, Jesus Pacheco, taught me to work and grow coffee, one of the blessed essences of mother earth.
Since then up until today I grow the Pache San Ramon and Yellow and Red Caturra varietals at the elevation of 1700m above sea level.
We are people who take care of the environment, the flora and the fauna and since 2012 have supported the pacific resistance against chemical mines – that which is destroying our habitat.
I remember April 11, 2013 when men and women from my community came out to support the protest against the pacific resistance. I collaborated by lending my vehicle which was driven by my nephew. At 4:30pm the police from the mining company came out to destroy our camp and arrested 26 men and women including my nephew and took away their vehicles, including mine.
Thank God we overcame these bad times and today continue to strive to defend our mother Earth.
We are grateful for you who acquire my coffee and wisdom.

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340 grams / 12 ounce, 2KG


Whole Bean, Ground Bean


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