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The Traveller

The Traveller


Tasting Notes: Single Serve Pour-over Pouches

Artisian Roasted: Medium Roast Ground Coffee

These single serve pour over pouches allow you to have a quick Medium Roast Coastal Coffee on the go anytime!  Great for the office, on the road, camping, hiking, or at home!


NEW SIZE- Each box contains 5 individual packages of artisan roasted pour-over coffee.

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The Traveller:
A New Way To Brew Fresh Coffee, Anywhere.

Our compostable filters are pre-packed with premium coffee, sourced from direct trade partners from some of the finest regions around the world. Just open the packet, set the filter onto your cup and pour over hot water.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 1 cm

single Traveller pouch, box of 5 Traveller pouches, box of 30 Traveller pouches

3 reviews for The Traveller

  1. Deborah Clarke

    Awesome coffee, with it’s own pour over filter included. It actually hangs on your cup! Fresh brew one cup at a time. Love it!

  2. Rebecca

    I LOVE these new Traveller’s! They are delicious. To make a GREAT cup of coffee and reduce waste, I was making AeroPress coffee at the office but I’ve found my new replacement. Best part? The paper pour-over filter and coffee are compostable in the region I live in! WIN, WIN!

  3. Nicki Glassier (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE The Traveller !! It is my new go to gift to send family and friends for one of those “just because” moments !! Everybody loves a great cup of coffee and this new product is brilliant !! So fun to make at home, but will be amazing to use at the cottage, for RVers, and campers alike !! Thanks Ben !! We will be out on Saturday for a fresh Americano for the road and a few supplies !!

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