The Traveller
Amazing Coffee Anywhere

One Fresh Cup at a Time
Crazy Fresh Beyond-Fair-Trade Coffee

Fresh Matters. Compostable filters are pre-packed with premium coffee from some of the finest regions around the world.

Our beyond-fair-trade partnerships support sustainability and generate unparalleled, premium coffee experiences.

Artisan Roasted

We create artisan roasted, small batch, specialty coffee on the coast of Lake Huron. Farm to cup.

The Traveller:
a new way to brew fresh coffee, anywhere.

Our compostable filters are pre-packed with premium coffee, sourced from direct trade partners from some of the finest regions around the world. Just open the packet, set the filter onto your cup and pour over hot water.

The Traveller at Campsite

Artisian Roasted Coffee Anywhere

Great for Camping, Hiking, the Office, at Home, Anywhere!

How to Brew


Step 1 - Open Easy Tear Pack

Open water-proof outer pack and it's one tear along perforated edge to open the inner filter package. Super fast and easy.


Step 2 - Place Filter over cup

Secure the easy to place handles over opposite edges of your mug or cup. Catch the aroma of that crazy fresh coffee.


Step 3 - Pour & Enjoy

Slowly pour 1 cup (8 - 12 oz) of hot water over your artisian roasted direct trade coffee. Awaken your senses. Dispose of the compostable filter when cup is full. Enjoy!