The Coastal Coffee Team

The Coastal Coffee Team

What does coffee mean to you?

It's just coffee. Or is it?

Every morning preparing a cup carefully before the day starts. The ritual of gathering the beans, your favourite mug and the brewing equipment. The aroma of brewing. The moments of peace, quiet and reflection while you savour each sip, pausing before your day begins, arranging your thoughts for the tasks ahead. The relaxation, routine and ritual before the day begins. 


The group of friends and family standing around a campfire, enjoying a cup of coffee while camping or exploring the beautiful coasts of Canada. The warm liquid that fills your cup, the fuel and kick that jumpstarts your adventures. The fun conversations, as sparks fly from the fire, dancing in the air and you sip the liquid warmth that delights your senses and connects you to nature and your people. 


The global coffee farmer who wakes early each morning to take care of the coffee plantation. The generations of coffee producers who came before, paving a legacy of sustainability and organic farming practices. The ability to support your community with jobs and education, resources and supplies all centred around harvesting ripe and delicious coffee cherries. Respecting Mother Earth for her supply and doing our part to cultivate the micro-lots and farms. 

Growing, harvesting and processing exceptional coffee while celebrating the natural beauty of our country and culture and sharing coffee with the world. Coffee is more than a drink, it’s our livelihood, our community, and it’s ingrained in our culture. 


The roasters dedicated to unparalleled coffee experiences that connect their customers with the tastes of the world. The continued pursuit of the finest coffees in the world, committed to sustainable practices and building strong relationships with global coffee farmers. Invested in artisan roasting techniques to enhance the natural flavours and increase the customer’s experiences. The roasters who studied, bringing years of experience to perfecting their techniques and enhancing the flavour profiles for their customers. 


The local who walks, bikes or drives to their favourite gem of a coffee shop. Who grabs a cup of coffee to savour while looking at the lake, dedicated to enjoying the best coffee around. Coffee that unites, that keeps our communities strong, that fuels our projects and our dreams. 


Here at Coastal Coffee, coffee means a lot to us. The most important aspect that we can think of though, is the relationships that are built around coffee. Whether it’s with our amazing repeat customers who love our crazy fresh coffee, our retail partners and business owners or our international coffee producers dedicated to sustainability, relationships matter to us. 


We hope that Coastal Coffee creates an unparalleled experience for you to gather around and connect with your loved ones, whether in person or virtually. 


There’s a lot more that goes into that cup of coffee than you might think. 

What does coffee mean to you? 

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